Work and Training

Over the past years I have worked with clients with diverse cultural, linguistic, educational and economic backgrounds. I work in several disciplines.

Focused Problem Solving:

This is short-term treatment, five to 20 visits, with a primary focus on resolving a concrete, specific problem. Examples might include work/relationship related stress, depression; school-related behavior problems, anger management, insomnia, procrastination, obesity or conflict within the family, with peers, partners or co-workers. My role is to understand questions; make an assessment and formulate a manageable action plan; and assign homework for the client. I work collaboratively with my clients with the goal of achieving concrete, specific changes in their lives.

Personal growth and relationships building:

The focus here is helping clients understand themselves better; how their emotions work, what motivates or bothers them, what is behind their life’s choices, and how to enhance intimacy in relationships, improve motivation and productivity, and have a joyful life.

Parenting coaching and child development consultation:

When a new person comes into our lives, we experience excitement and unexpected challenges. My goal is to provide straightforward approaches to the daily questions and struggles that people face, and to help my clients learn about themselves and their children, to grow, and have fun with their children and partner.

My Trainings:

Part of my trainings are powerful evidence based therapies, ie: cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, EMDR, emotionally focused couple therapy, another part of my trainings that allow me to integrate more effective tools in my work are family therapy, gestalt, somatic body work. I am integrating my western learning and eastern philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism into my practice.

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